Children and Divorce: The Sad Truth

It’s a fact. Combining children and divorce often leads to a wide variety of problems down the road. It’s unbelievable how many people get a divorce without looking into what kind of effect it might have on their children. But because you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you are NOT one of these people.

Unfortunately, the traumatic effects of divorce on children stay with them throughout their childhood and continue on into their adult lives. And in most cases, couples find themselves involving their children in divorce - which only continues to make things worse.

While there is nothing you can do to completely eliminate the effects of divorce on your children, there ARE some things you can do for your children to keep the pain and heartache to a minimum. Keep these 6 tips in mind to lessen the effects of divorce on your children.

1. When bringing up the “D” word to your children, learn what to say and what NOT to say to your children.

Read this article before talking to your child about divorce.

2. The psychological effects of divorce on children vary from denial to the most serious cases of depression. Learn how to recognize these signs in your child. Here’s how to handle the many different reactions children have to divorce.

3. DO NOT get a divorce until you read these 18 shocking statistics about children and divorce. You could save your child’s life someday.

4. Find out exactly WHY divorce is so difficult for children and learn what you can do to prevent divorce from tearing apart your family.

5. What ARE the effects of divorce on children…anyway? Can anything good come out of your divorce?